The game that started it all and that has been enjoyed by players for 25 years. Each of the eight (8) players in a team bowl two (2) overs and bat in pairs for four (4) overs. Non-stop excitement for 75 action packed minutes.

Competitions are available for Mens teams of all standards – novice, social or competitive.

Currently played Wednesday and Thursday 8 aside.


All our fees are based per team not individual fees. If you are the organiser of the team it is your responsibility to collect all the money and pay at the counter.

“Pay per Match” “Pay per Season”
$128 per team per match. These costs stand even if your team is short players.
Teams have the option of paying for the entire season up-front rather than paying each week. Teams who choose this option receive a 10% discount on the total season’s fees. Reminder all Semi-finals & Grand Finals must be paid for prior to the match. (They are not include in your season Bulk Payment).
Team Insurance & Team Rego : Is included in the weekly fee’s. If paying in full and getting the 10% discount, we will give you a total on your first night. (Payable by round 3).


20 weeks of competition and a 10 week season over Xmas

All teams play a 20 week regular season

Please note: We play semis, then Grand Finals .Each season commences immediately after the previous one

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